In Greek mythology, Selene ( Σελήνη [selɛ̌ːnɛː]) is the goddess of the Moon. She is a sister of the sun god Helios. Among her powers is to awaken intuition and subconscious. This is due to the connection of the night and the moon with the dreams. This association is the reason why Selene is often considered the patron saint of decisions that come to people in dreams when the subconscious can process information that is not consciously accepted.
Like the rest of the collection, Selene is designed to be used as a luxury interior wall accent. The lamp’s function is mood light and it has been created by neon and special way treated steel. It’s a great choice for an art decoration for the wall of a variety of interior spaces like living room, bedroom, bars, hotel foyers, offices etc.
Each luminaire has a unique texture and can be ordered with white or red neon.